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Okay friends I have to be honest I was pretty skeptical about joining Wright Unique Designs.
How could an online design and consultant service be worth it even only being $9.95 per month?
Although I was skeptical a friend talked me into giving it a try and now Iím hooked.
The resources they have provided in this one convenient location are enough to make the subscription well worth it alone, now add the knowledgeable staff on hand at Wright Unique Designs
that are more then willing to answer any question you might have with a design be it in the landscape or the interior.
I was having this problem with my Night-blooming Cereus it wouldnít bloom. I had been trying to get it to bloom for 7 or 8 years before I talked to them here at Wright Unique Designs.
After a short amount of e-mail back and forth they were able to find my problem. My Night-blooming Cereus needs to be root bound to bloom and I was transplanting it every chance I got.

~~~ Donna ~~~

( scientific name Epiphyllum oxypetalum )
Transcribed from snail mail by CorkWright

I picked up one of the disc golf holster bag.
Now you couldnít make me go back
to my old style bag.
With my holster bag I glance down at my side
and have perfect view of the disc I have
chosen for this day and this course.
Thereís none of that digging through
that box of 20, 30, 40, or more disc.
Oh yeah, what about when you make
that shoot and your watching it go
just right as you follow it along,
and as you come up on the disc
you just through you remember
that box of disc you forgot back
there in the middle of the fairway.
Well, with my disc golf holster bag
I no longer have that to worry about.

~~~ Frank ~~~
Transcribed from snail mail by CorkWright

My wife and I thought we had one of those problems with no solution. We were trying to merge our sunroom with our back yard.
We had tried every arrangements of the sunroom we could think of, as well as a numerous number on plantings in the back yard.
When our sunroom was the patio everything flowed great.
Now with the patio being covered, enclosed with large expanses of glass, and with the hot and cold blast from the central air system it looked like we had no answer.
After great discussions and the thought of failure we chose to go with the Wright Unique Designs monthly Deluxe Plan (Lorie my wife strongly voted for the Annual Plan).
Our logic was with us living in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area Wright Unique Designs should be able to relate to our problem.
We never expected to be able to have one of the consultants come to our house and personally advise us on resolving this issue, but having the monthly Deluxe Plan at Wright Unique Designs we get this service at a nominal fee.
Well thatís what we chose and it wasnít 10 maybe 15 minutes after Cork from Wright Unique Designs had found the problems and a solution to them after arriving at our house.
Still we spent at least 3 hours visiting about all the projects my wife and I have on the drawing board.
Now guess who is saying I told you so.
I am signing up for the Annual Plan now.

Transcribed from snail mail by CorkWright

I had been looking for an
OU lighter case for my neighbor,
and an OSU case for myself.

You know the price is so low
I even got a personalized case for
my boss.

Transcribed from snail mail by CorkWright